Choosing Your Baby's Doctor

When to Choose

The end of the second trimester is a good time to begin the process of choosing your baby's physician and nurse-practitioner. We recommend visiting or calling the health care providers you're considering, even before your baby is born.

Most family practice doctors also provide care for newborns, so if you are already under this doctor's care, he or she can begin caring for your baby while you're still in the hospital, at your request. In this case, the "doctor-baby relationship" would begin with examining the newborn.

Get Advice

Before choosing your doctor and nurse-practitioner, talk to friends and family and ask what they like about their child's health care provider. Develop your idea of the kind of care you would like for your baby, and find someone who shares these ideas. Consider the location of the clinic, as well, because you may be visiting frequently. For example, would you prefer it be near work or near home?