For the firstborn child, the arrival of a new baby creates a lot of new feelings. Along with all the excitement, suddenly someone is sharing the attention and love that the spouse or first born used to have all alone.


A lot of things change when you bring a new baby home.

The biggest change is that the baby needs so much of your attention. That time can be really hard for older children and the dad. It can seem as if their mom or wife does not love them as much. Then children can get angry or become babyish. That is not because they are "bad." It is just difficult to share the people we love and who we had so much time with before.

You have lots of changes to deal with, too. You may get less sleep. You have more to do. When you are tired, it is harder to be as patient and understanding as before. Talking about time and feelings, setting apart special time for the others, can help in letting everyone know that this is a family event and creates more love in the house, not less.