Strong Moms

The Circle Of Advice

As new moms, we say it all the time: there's just so much that I need to know. How do I get it right? What are the sure-fire techniques, products, nutrition and more that are best for my baby? We sometimes wish for that magic instruction booklet that has all the answers. What's the next best thing? We turn to our circle of friends and sisters with children. It's hard to beat experience.

But today, we're also independent. We've grown up used to getting our own answers (thanks in part to a little thing called the Internet). We can balance what to take from online sources, and what to adopt from our own families. We use information to empower our decisions and arm ourselves with all the facts and figures to choose what's best for our babies.

The Pace of Change

It's great that Google is there for us 24/7. But it can lead to information overload. Trends change, and what was considered great last year may turn out to be a bust later this year. Car seats, cribs, highchairs and more - so much has changed over the past decade that it sometimes seems hard to trust the information we find. What has all of this change brought us?

Well, for one thing we're more involved in our children's lives. Back in the 50s, people thought picking up children too much wasn't good for them - that it would get in the way of their independence and ability to fend for themselves. Thanks to people like Dr. Spock, we've changed our parenting approach. Now, nurturing is second nature, whether it's reading aloud, playing classical music, or just picking them up for a hug. Debate the scientific merits if you want to - but it sure can't hurt!

Finding the Core

So, how do we keep centered in a world that's changing so fast? What's permanent? A lot of us today are finding that even as the latest fads and technologies come and go, tradition matters. Think back to your family. What were the things you treasured most? Long car trips in the summer? Singing? Playing music? Board games? Sometimes the simplest things build the strongest family bonds.

Getting in touch with family traditions can give us a core to return to when things feel like they're moving a little too fast. New mom-hood is also a great time to start some new traditions, or highlight the things that we definitely don't want to hand down. It can be an opportunity to make a fresh start.

So the balancing act continues - tradition and new baby care tech; the Internet and our trusted friends. We're forging ahead so that the next generation of moms that stands on our shoulders will be grounded in the old and the new.

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