Brain & Eye Development

DHA/ARA For Brain And Eye Development

How will your little one behave when she's older? Will she be extroverted? Reserved? Intuitive? Resourceful? A problem solver? A lot depends on how she's hardwired genetically. But some of the answers also depend, in large part, on what happens during her first three years.

Here's what you can do to help ensure she gets a strong start.

Why Are The First Three Years Critical In Brain Development?

During your baby's first three years, her brain will grow dramatically, producing billions of cells and hundreds of trillions of connections between those cells. Amazingly, by age 3, her brain will have grown to about 80% of adult size.

What Can You Do To Stimulate Brain Development?

Stimulating your baby's brain is as simple as talking, cooing, cuddling, and making those funny noises only you and she understand. These simple, day-to-day interactions help her brain develop.

Colors, sounds, and movement also stimulate her brain. Simple infant toys, such as crib mobiles, are ideal for brain development. And when she's older, her brain will be stimulated by toys and activities that are colorful, have texture, and make sounds, including balls, blocks, and books. Goodnight Moon, anyone?

How Do I Ensure My Premature Baby Grows Strong And Healthy?

One of the best ways to help your preemie grow strong is to give her proper nutrition. Similac Expert Care™ NeoSure® gives preemies more protein, vitamins, and minerals than formulas made for full-term babies.

How Can You Make Sure Your Toddler's Nutrition Is Adequate?

When your baby starts eating solid foods, you may be surprised to learn she's actually getting fewer nutrients, especially if she's a picky eater.

Data from a food survey* has shown that many older babies aren't getting the recommended amount† of key nutrients necessary for strong growth. It showed that 20% of older babies aren't getting the recommended amount of calcium; 26% aren't getting enough iron, and more than 75% aren't getting enough Vitamin E.

By supplementing your baby's diet with Similac Go & Grow®, you can help ensure she gets the recommended daily amount of key nutrients she needs to have a strong beginning in life.

∗NHANES 1999 to 2000 survey by the NIH/CDC

† Proportion of toddlers ages 1 to 2 years old who are not meeting 100% of the currently recommended DRI (1997-2002)

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