General Safety Precautions


  • If you have a fireplace, wood burning stove, or other heat source, place barriers around it to avoid burns.
  • Inspect and clean chimneys and stovepipes regularly.
  • Make certain hazardous items, such as bug sprays, cleaners, auto care products, and weed killers, are secured and stored in their original containers in the garage, utility room, or basement.
  • Place Warning stickers on all hazardous items.
  • Keep syrup of Ipecac in your home for accidental poisonings. But, never use syrup of Ipecac without first calling your physician or the poison control center.
  • Make certain plastic bags, broken pieces of toys, buttons, screws, and other choking or suffocation hazards are stored out of reach of children or discarded.
  • Post emergency telephone numbers near each telephone in your home.
  • When children are present, safety devices, such as gates, locks, and doorknob covers, should be in use at all stairways and exits in your home.
  • Make sure all indoor and outdoor stairways and entries are well-lit and clear.
  • Make certain bathrooms and bedrooms can be unlocked from the outside.
  • Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children and disabled persons.
  • A home should have two unobstructed exits, in case of fire or other emergency.
  • Check all electrical cords to make sure they are not cracked or frayed.
  • Make certain outlets or extension cords are not overloaded.
  • It is best not to use space heaters. If they are used, make sure they are in safe condition. Never plug them into an extension cord. Do not place them near drapes or furnishings. Do not use the stove/oven as a heater.
  • Paint or wallpaper should not be chipping or peeling.
  • Keep purses, backpacks, and other portable storage bags out of a child's reach. They may contain medicines, pen knives, hard candies, and other items that may harm children.