For The Labor Partner

Unfortunately, some women must go through this entire life-altering experience without their baby's father. Because of this, we have purposely avoided using gender-specific pronouns in this book, opting to use more all-inclusive language in support of situations where all "birthing partners" can be involved. Whether husband or partner in marriage, boyfriend, girlfriend...or just friend: Your involvement is warmly welcomed by your doctor or nurse-midwife, and the folks here at BeBeVu!

Learn as Much as You Can About Labor & Delivery

  • Attend the prenatal visits with your partner and talk with her physician or nurse-midwife.
  • Read books on pregnancy, labor and fatherhood.
  • Talk to male friends who have children. Discuss the experience with your father, if possible.
  • Attend prenatal and prepared childbirth classes.
  • Sign up for expectant father classes.