Organic Food For Mom

Now that you're pregnant, it's that much more important to take care of yourself. There are tremendous benefits for an expectant mother who eats organic foods during and after pregnancy, especially since she is eating for two.


  • The fetus is exposed to everything that its mother eats. So the healthier the mother's food, the healthier the baby.
  • A baby that is breast fed is also directly affected by what its mother eats.
  • As a child grows older, it learns its eating habits from its parents.
  • With a child one is inherently invested in the future. Organic food is not only an investment in one's health and the health of one's family, but the health of the planet.

From the time of conception, low-level pesticide exposure can be more toxic for fetuses and infants because of their less-developed immune systems. It also puts additional strain on already taxed organs for pregnant women. So, organic foods are definitely worthy of consideration.

Organic Definition

Organic food is sought after because it is produced without the use of the following:

The Four No's

  1. No synthetic pesticides
  2. No genetically modified plants or animals
  3. No growth hormones
  4. No antibiotics

Mother Nature

Organic food benefits mothers in the largest sense of the word by benefiting Mother Nature. When a farmer chooses to produce organic food, biodiversity plays a big role within the growth process. By working in harmony with nature and with the use of sustainable farming techniques, organic food helps prevent exposure of chemicals to humans, animals, and the environment. What more could a mother want for her child's future.

Please refer to the section "Feeding Your Baby" under Caring for Your Baby for more information.