Baby Names

Naming Your Baby

By the third trimester, there's a good chance that you and your partner are already playing "the name game," in search of the perfect name for your baby. Like most expectant parents, you want to pick a name that ignites your imagination, conveys your love, and is appreciated by your family members. You will want to find a name that feels right, sounds right and looks good on paper. You may be polling family members and checking Baby Name Books. You are likely to consider many names before you make your final decision. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a name for your baby.


Finding a name that is unique - but not necessarily exotic - can be a challenge. An unusual name has the advantage of making a person stand-out from the crowd. On the other hand, it can cause problems, especially when the name is difficult to pronounce or spell. This can be especially frustrating for a child during schooling years. It is important to keep-in-mind that a child may just live with the name you choose...for the rest of their life.

New Trends in Baby Names

If "Jennifer" and "John" are too commonplace for your taste, it may be helpful to think outside-the-box. Naming babies after cities and states has long been popular in some areas of the country, like Austin, Montana and Cheyenne!

Baby Names from centuries-past have resurfaced as new again, such as Ciara, Brinker, Othello, and Hunter. Books that list Old World names & describe their history and meaning, are available in bookstores today.

Another trend is for parents to invent their own names from scratch! For example, one mother's father was named Marshall, but she had a baby-girl and named her Marchelle. Some parents are combining letters of dad's first-name and mom's first-name and coming up with a new name. Amazingly, according to Social Security records, some parents are even naming their babies after cars, such as Bentley and Porsche!

The Sound and Rhythm of a Name

How does the name sound when it is said aloud? Combine it with your last-name, along with the middle-names you are considering. Names should have a rhythm.

Here are some things you may want to consider:

  • If you have long last-name, consider a shorter name, and vice-versa.
  • The number of syllables in the first name should not match the number of syllables in the last name.
  • Avoid first-names that rhyme with your last-name.
  • Avoid puns, such as "Holly Wood"
  • Try not to combine a first name ending in a vowel with a last-name that begins with a vowel, such as "Anna Anders."

Check out our Baby Name Generator!

The Meaning of a Name

Family traditions are important to consider for many. Naming a baby after a grandparent or other relative can be a meaningful expression of loyalty, pride & love. Some parents try to think of the personality traits implied by a name when making their decision. For example, Michael and Mark are dependable names. Emily sounds like a sophisticated name to many, while other names sound free-spirited, or intellectual.

Initials and Nicknames

As you know, other people like to shorten our names to nicknames. People, especially kids, can be cruel when it comes to nicknames, so try to anticipate any potentially embarrassing ones. Also be aware of what your child's initials spell.

Most importantly, don't worry! You and your partner will choose a perfect name for your baby. The name you choose will sound right for both of you when there is a cute little baby attached to it.

Here is the top 10 most popular boy and girl baby names for 2010 taken from the social security card registration database:



1. Jacob 1. Isabella
2. Ethan 2. Emma
3. Michael 3. Olivia
4. Alexander 4. Sophia
5. William 5. Ava
6. Joshua 6. Emily
7. Daniel 7. Madison
8. Jayden 8. Abigail
9. Noah 9. Chloe
10. Anthony 10. Mia

Most Popular Names in 2004

1 Michael Emily
2 Jacob Emma
3 Daniel Olivia
4 Anthony Abigail
5 Joshua Madison

Most Popular Names in 1934

1 John Margaret
2 Peter Jean
3 William Mary
4 Brian Joan
5 David Patricia

Most Popular Names in 1904

1 William Mary
2 John Florence
3 George Doris
4 Thomas Edith
5 Arthur Dorothy